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myRad is a versatile app designed for Android devices, developed by Integral Diagnostics Ltd. It offers a range of features that allow patients to securely access their medical reports and scan images from Apex Radiology practices. Additionally, users can conveniently book appointments directly through the app.

With its user-friendly interface, myRad provides a free and secure platform for patients to manage their medical information. Upon receiving an SMS message, patients are directed to a registration page where they can follow guided steps to receive an activation code. This code is used to activate their account on the platform, along with setting up a password. For added convenience, users can also opt for fingerprint or facial recognition for authentication.

By utilizing myRad, patients can easily access their scan reports and images, ensuring a seamless and efficient healthcare experience. The app prioritizes the privacy and security of patient data, providing a safe platform for managing medical information.

Experience the convenience and security of myRad, the ultimate app for accessing and managing your medical reports and scan images. Download now and take control of your healthcare journey.

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